Episode 27 – Series 21, Part I – Revelations of Roger Limb’s Androzani – Part I – The UNIT Files

Adventures in Time Space and Music

In this episode we’ll be looking at the music of Roger Limb focusing on his work on Serial 6R- Story 135 – The Caves of Androzani. This discussion with the Doctor Who Podcast co-host Trevor Gensch, the Minute Doctor Who Podcast host Luke Harrison and Radio Free Skaro co-host Steven Schapansky was recorded on the 21st of June, 2011.


ABOUT YOUR GUEST CO-HOSTS – TREVOR GENSCH: Trevor has been a fan of Doctor Who since the guy with the scarf and the tin dog was about. As a youngster, he fashioned a replica K9 out of boxes and cardboard tubing. An attempt to fashion a K9 Mk II went disastrously wrong so Trevor retired from the world of Doctor Who modelling. Trevor’s late teens and early twenties were involved in setting up a local Doctor Who Fan Club in Brisbane, writing for fanzines, trying to organize a convention and spending far too much money on Star Trek VHS tapes. Fast forward to 2005 and a morbid fear of public speaking led him to start up MMM Commentaries and Fantragic podcasts. In 2008 he added the DWO WhoCast to his roster of speaking engagements. Trevor cites his favorite Doctor as Peter Davison, more as a reaction to the norm than out of any valid reason for favoritism. His favorite companion is Sarah Jane Smith. For more information on Trevor’s work on the widely popular The Doctor Who Podcast, visit http://www.thedoctorwhopodcast.com/.

ABOUT YOUR GUEST CO-HOSTS – LUKE HARRISON: Born and raised in Sheffield, Luke went to uni in Sunderland before joining Agapé UK. Luke spent 3 years in Russia working for them before returning to England in the summer of 2008. He continued with his job for a couple more years, this time in Bristol. He’s now studying film making in Oxford. Luke started reading the Target books from our local library as a kid and then my brother and I started getting the videos for presents. Luke began the podcast in 2008 and episodes have appeared sporadically since then as and when he has had the time and inspiration for the next one. For more information on Luke’s work on the Minute Doctor Who Podcast, visit http://www.tmdwp.co.uk/.

ABOUT YOUR GUEST CO-HOSTS – STEVEN SCHAPANSKY: Steven Schapansky is one of the hosts of Radio Free Skaro, one of the most popular and longest running Doctor Who podcasts around. As co-host, he has interviewed many luminaries from Doctor Who’s past an present, including Murray Gold, Graeme Harper, Phil Ford, Tracie Simpson, Gary Russell, and many others. He has also memorized every Doctor Who production code from the classic series and can point out on a map and name all 195 countries of the world. And he does it all without eating meat. For more information on Steven’s work on the widely popular Radio Free Skaro, released every Sunday, visit http://www.radiofreeskaro.com/.

ABOUT YOUR HOSTS – DR. LOU: I am an Associate Professor of Musicology at the University of Nevada, Reno, where I write about and teach classes on avant-garde and popular music of the post-war era, focusing on musics that bridge the categories of high and low culture in society through media technology. In other words, I write about pretty music made on complicated equipment used in television and radio. Most of my stuff tends to be about music in the UK, although I have also written about American science fiction. My most recent publication is a history of the BBC’s electronic music studio, the Radiophonic Workshop, for Oxford University Press. Before becoming chair of the music department in Reno, I taught classes about television music, film music, music and gender, and popular music, as well as the more standard classical music history courses. After getting my undergraduate degree in singing from the University of Iowa, I spent a few hazy years bartending in nightclubs, listening to lots of dance music, and traveling as much as possible to England. Eventually, I decided I needed a career and did a Masters degree in musicology at the University of Texas at Austin, writing a thesis on music in Doctor Who. After that I moved to Los Angeles and did a PhD at UCLA in musicology, studying with Susan McClary and Philip Brett, among other amazing scholars. At UCLA I wrote what would become the first half of my Radiophonic history as my dissertation.

I also, like Dr. Phil, am a performer of early music. But unlike him, for me it is purely a dilettante pursuit. I have sung early music since 1989, and at UCLA was the director of their early music ensemble, Musica Humana. Upon moving to Reno, I founded REM (Reno Early Music), Reno’s premiere early music group. Actually, we are Reno’s only early music group. But it’s fun. I also run the Reno Time Team, a local group making our way through all of classic Doctor Who. For more information on Louis Niebur, visit http://www.unr.edu/cla/music/pages/bios/niebur.htm, and for information on Reno Early Music, visit http://wolfweb.unr.edu/homepage/boardman/music_REM.htm. For more information on Special Sound: The Creation and Legacy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, visit http://www.unr.edu/cla/music/publications/special_sound.htm.

ABOUT YOUR HOSTS – DR. PHILL: My name is Dr. Phillip Serna – you can call me Dr. Phill as many of my colleagues, friends and students do. I’m a performer and teacher here in the Chicago area where I received my Master & Doctoral degrees in Music at Northwestern University. On double bass I perform solo, chamber, orchestral and contemporary literature. I am also a performer of Early Music on viols – or violas da gamba – a family of bowed guitars that were popular in Europe from the 15th through the late 18th centuries.

On double bass, I perform with many ensembles including the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra, Illinois Symphony Orchestra, New Philharmonic Orchestra, Northbrook Symphony Orchestra, the Northshore Camerata, Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, and many others. In Early Music, I regularly perform on violas da gamba (treble viol, tenor viol and bass viol), period double bass/ violone and vielle with modern orchestras such as the Concord Chamber Orchestra and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, as well as with period instrument ensembles such as Ars Antigua, the Bach Collegium of Fort Wayne, the Callipygian Players, the Chicago Early Music Consort, Duo fantaisie en Echo, the Madison Bach Musicians, the Newberry Consort, the Oriana Singers, the Second City Musick, the Spirit of Gambo – a Chicago Consort of Viols, the Third Coast Viols and many others. In performance, I’ve appeared on Chicago’s 98.7FM WFMT, Wisconsin Public Radio and Milwaukee Public Radio. My Early Music Outreach program ‘Viols in Our Schools’ was the recipient of the 2010 Early Music America Outreach Award, which honors ensembles or individual artists for excellence in early music outreach and/or educational projects for children or adults. For more information, visit http://www.violsinourschools.org/About.html or http://www.phillipwserna.com/.

ABOUT OUR THEME: The theme to ADVENTURES IN TIME, SPACE AND MUSIC is a remix by Isaac Arsenault. Isaac started mashingup music in the winter of ’09, After reading Jordan Roseman’s “Audio Mashup Construction Kit.” Working with sound Equipment and being technical leader for two bands he opened his taste for music by studying it mathematically and learning the science behind it. To find out more about Isaac’s work, visit http://www.twitter.com/drautobob.

ABOUT OUR SERIES GUEST: Roger Limb is a British composer, specialising in electronic music. He is best known for his work on the television series Doctor Who whilst at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. He joined the BBC as a studio manager, before going on to become a television announcer. In 1972 he left this position to join the Radiophonic Workshop, where he remained until 1995. Although he had received formal music training, he also spent much time in pop and jazz bands, the influence of which can be heard in much of his music. Limb is best known for his work on Doctor Who, for which, between 1981 and 1985, he composed the music for the serials The Keeper of Traken, Four to Doomsday, Black Orchid, Time-Flight, Arc of Infinity, Terminus, The Caves of Androzani and Revelation of the Daleks.

Limb also contributed music to the television series The Justice Game, Aliens in the Family, The December Rose, Thinkabout, The Box of Delights, Kevin and Co, Martin Luther: Heretic, Storytime and the Look and Read serials “Fair Ground!”, “Dark Towers”, “Sky Hunter”, “The King’s Dragon”, “Cloud Burst”, “Geordie Racer”, “Through The Dragon’s Eye” and “Earth Warp”. For the latter programme he also composed the cult favourite “Magic E” song as well as the popular education songs “Bill the Brickie”, “Dog Detective” and “The Punctuation Song”.

He also composed and played “Swirley”, a cheerful piece of electronic music that was used as the theme to the BBC’s Service Information news bulletins in the late 70s/early 80s, and arranged the songs for several series of the BBC Schools programme You and Me, featuring Cosmo and Dibs. His recording “Passing Clouds” was included on the 1976 LP Out of This World, a compilation of sound effects. This track was used by Prince (musician) at the beginning of “Eye No”, the opening track of 1988’s “Lovesexy”. Out of This World was reissued in 1991 on CD as the “Essential Science Fiction Sound Effects, Volume 2”

Since leaving the BBC during the purges of the 1990s, he has been regularly in demand as a jazz musician and accompanist playing at Ronnie Scott’s, the Jazz Café and the Isle of Wight Jazz Festival. He recently performed at a concert featuring the Radiophonic repertoire at a sell-out concert at London’s Roundhouse. And he continues to write; a musical ‘The Bonnie Prince’ was written and performed in 1999 and he has written several songs for his regular ensemble ‘Jazz Culture’. Working with Aydenne Simone for some 14 years both as a permanent member and Musical Director of Jazz Culture, Roger Limb is one half of the perfect Jazz Duo for many delighted audiences including Queen Elizabeth II.


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