Episode 16 – The Empathy Games of Nigel Fairs

Adventures in Time Space and Music

In this episode we’ll be featuring an interview with Doctor Who actor, author and audio producer Nigel Fairs, focusing on his work composing and working as sound designer for Big Finish Productions, recorded the 27th of November, 2010 at the Chicago TARDIS convention.


ABOUT OUR GUEST: Nigel Fairs is a British actor, writer, composer and producer. He trained at Bretton Hall College and has appeared in a number of theatre productions, most notably as Christopher Wren in the long-running London stage production of The Mousetrap. On television, he has appeared in EastEnders and as a Dalek on Blue Peter. He has had 26 stage plays produced, and two musicals.

He currently works for Big Finish Productions, as a composer, and was the producer of their Sapphire and Steel and The Tomorrow People ranges. A common style of both ranges is an increase in emotional content, the exploration of ongoing themes and, in the case of The Tomorrow People, long-running story arcs. As well as writing individual stories for both these ranges, he has contributed to the company’s Doctor Who range in February 2007 with The Blue Tooth, and later The Catalyst and Empathy Games, both starring Louise Jameson. In 2007, he contributed to the short-story collection Short Trips: Snapshots. Prior to his work for Big Finish, he was a regular writer and director for BBV.

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Nigel Fairs – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigel_Fairs
Nigel Fairs – http://www.nigelfairs.com/


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