Episode 15 – Series 23, Part I – The Mysterious Planets of Dominic Glynn – Part II – Dominic Glynn Interview

Adventures in Time Space and Music

In this episode we’ll be looking at the music of Doctor Who composer Dominic Glynn focusing on his work on Series 23, the Trial of a Time Lord. In this episode we’ll be featuring the second part in a series focusing on the work of Doctor Who composer Dominic Glynn, with an interview recorded the 6th of December, 2010.


ABOUT YOUR HOST: My name is Dr. Phillip Serna – you can call me Dr. Phill as many of my colleagues, friends and students do. I’m a performer and teacher here in the Chicago area where I received my Master & Doctoral degrees in Music at Northwestern University. On double bass I perform solo, chamber, orchestral and contemporary literature. I am also a performer of Early Music on viols – or violas da gamba – a family of bowed guitars that were popular in Europe from the 15th through the late 18th centuries.

ABOUT OUR SERIES GUEST: Dominic Glynn is one of the world’s most prolific composers of production music. His work has featured worldwide in hit TV shows including ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Red Dwarf’ and ‘Dead Like Me’ and in movies like ‘Kevin & Perry Go Large’ and Eddie Murphy/Jeff Goldblum comedy ‘Holy Man’.

Dominic began his career writing incidental music for BBC TV’s “Doctor Who” in the late 1980s, and is one of a select number of composers to have re-arranged the show’s iconic theme tune. In the 90s he continued to compose for a number of BBC shows, and after a series of leftfield underground dance record releases, he formed his own independent record label. Today he can often be seen DJing for ‘The Big Chill’. Live work has included performing at London’s Festival Hall with pedal-steel guitar legend BJ Cole, and the electronica/jazz hybrid project ‘Cybajaz’.

Dominic has composed the score for a series of short supernatural film dramas, screened at London’s Frightfest horror film festival, as well as music for two contemporary dance films. More recently, he has composed the score to upcoming British feature film ‘Bad Day’ starring Claire Goose and Donna Air, as well as a new radio revival of sci-fi classic ‘Blake’s 7’.

ABOUT OUR THEME: The theme to ADVENTURES IN TIME, SPACE AND MUSIC is a remix by Isaac Arsenault. Isaac started mashingup music in the winter of ’09, After reading Jordan Roseman’s “Audio Mashup Construction Kit.” Working with sound Equipment and being technical leader for two bands he opened his taste for music by studying it mathematically and learning the science behind it. To find out more about Isaac’s work, visit http://www.twitter.com/drautobob.

DEDICATION: This series of episodes are dedicated to all of the composers who have worked on Doctor Who for nearly 50 years – we thank you for the terror, the magic, and the joy you have brought generations of young people around the world. Cheers to all of you: Mark Ayres, Richard Rodney Bennett, Carey Blyton, Geoffrey Burgon, Tristram Cary, Malcolm Clarke, John Debney, Delia Derbyshire, Marcus Dods, Louis Febre, Jonathan Gibbs, Dominic Glynn, Murray Gold, Ron Grainer, Don Harper, Richard Hartley, Brian Hodgson, Peter Howell, Raymond Jones, Norman Kay, Paddy Kingsland, John Lewis, Roger Limb, Malcolm Lockyer, Keff McCulloch, Bill McGuffie, Stanley Myers, Elizabeth Parker, Humphrey Searle, Dudley Simpson & John Sponsler.


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