Episode 6 – Debney, Sponsler, Febre and the TV Movie

Adventures in Time Space and Music

In this episode we will look at John Debney, John Sponsler & Louis Febre’s work on Serial TVM (Big Finish Production Code 8A) – Story 160 – Doctor Who: The Movie


Known in fandom as the ‘TV Movie’ and also as the ‘Enemy Within’, this feature length, back-door pilot received its premiere in 1996 on the 12th of May in Edmonton, Alberta, the 14th of May on the Fox Network in the United States and the 27th of May on BBC1 in the United Kingdom.

DEDICATION: This episode is dedicated to my brother Paul Serna whose support and his love of film and television scores, inspired me to create Adventures in Time, Space and Music.

DISCLAIMER: Out of a spirit of fun, I ended up replacing the Dalek voices from the TV Movie with proper Dalek voices when quoting Doctor Who: The Movie. This is in no way to undermine the BBC DVD or the 2|Entertain DVD releases, or to mislead the audience in any way.

ABOUT YOUR HOST: My name is Dr. Phillip Serna – you can call me Dr. Phill as many of my colleagues, friends and students do. I’m a performer and teacher here in the Chicago area where I received my Master & Doctoral degrees in Music at Northwestern University. On double bass I perform solo, chamber, orchestral and contemporary literature. I am also a performer of Early Music on viols – or violas da gamba – a family of bowed guitars that were popular in Europe from the 15th through the late 18th centuries.

NOTE: This episode aired as a segment on the HOO ON WHO PODCAST on Monday, 11 October, 2010 – http://hooonwho.libsyn.com/episode-31-the-tv-movie


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