Episode 18 – The Ever-Changing Musical Worlds of Peter Howell – Peter Howell Interview Part I

Adventures in Time Space and Music

In this episode we’ll be featuring the first part of an interview with BBC Radiophonic Composer Peter Howell with guest co-host Steven Schapansky of Radio Free Skaro joining me at the central console. Recorded the 11th of January, 2011.


ABOUT YOUR HOST: My name is Dr. Phillip Serna – you can call me Dr. Phill as many of my colleagues, friends and students do. I’m a performer and teacher here in the Chicago area where I received my Master & Doctoral degrees in Music at Northwestern University. On double bass I perform solo, chamber, orchestral and contemporary literature. I am also a performer of Early Music on viols – or violas da gamba – a family of bowed guitars that were popular in Europe from the 15th through the late 18th centuries.

ABOUT OUR GUEST CO-HOST: Steven Schapansky is one of the hosts of Radio Free Skaro, one of the most popular and longest running Doctor Who podcasts around. As co-host, he has interviewed many luminaries from Doctor Who’s past an present, including Murray Gold, Graeme Harper, Phil Ford, Tracie Simpson, Gary Russell, and many others. He has also memorized every Doctor Who production code from the classic series and can point out on a map and name all 195 countries of the world. And he does it all without eating meat. For more information on Steven’s work on the widely popular Radio Free Skaro, released every Sunday, visit http://www.radiofreeskaro.com/.

ABOUT OUR SERIES GUEST: Peter Howell is a musician and composer who worked at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop from 1974-1997 – shortly before the workshop disbanded. His musical career began in the 1960s where he played what is referred to as ‘psychedelic folk’ with groups ranging from Agincourt to others.  Beyond his contributions to Doctor Who, Howell’s prolific output includes scores for science fiction series, dramas, documentaries and children’s television including Horizon, The Body in Question and Michael Palin’s Full Circle.

Peter Howell began his work on Doctor Who began in 1975 with an uncredited contribution to Revenge of the Cybermen. Carey Blyton composed the incidental music for this serial, but producer Philip Hinchcliffe asked the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to enhance the score, which was done by Peter Howell, adding synthesizer cues to Blyton’s score. Additionally he performed special sound design on Serial 4H – Story 81 – the Planet of Evil. Later, when John Nathan-Turner became producer of Doctor Who in 1980, he approached Peter Howell and the Radiophonic workshop to create a new arrangement of Ron Grainer’s Doctor Who theme as well as to provide incidental music, thus replacing Dudley Simpson who had been the longest-running composer on Doctor Who. In addition to his score to the Leisure Hive, Howell’s incidental music contribution spans the Tom Baker stories Warrior’s Gate, the Peter Davison stories Kinda, Snakedance, the Five Doctors, the Awakening and Planet of Fire as well as the Colin Baker story the Two Doctors – his final contribution to the series. Along with composer Paddy Kingsland, Howell also composed part of the for Meglos, as well as scoring the Doctor Who spinoff special K9 and Company and Jon Pertwee’s Radio Dramas The Paradise of Death and The Ghosts of N-Space. His music would also appear in the 1999 Steven Moffat Doctor Who spoof – the Curse of the Fatal Death – starring Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor.

Since his days at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Peter Howell is the founding Director of Sound Music Design Ltd, a company specializing in providing of music and sound design for the film, television and radio. In May of 2009, Howell participated  in a live concert revival of the Radiophonic Workshop at The Roundhouse in London. Additionally Howell teaches music and sound design at the National Film and Television School, as well as lectures at Bournemouth University’s Media Department, Leeds College of Music, and the Screen Academy Scotland where he has trained over 40 composers who now compose music for feature films, theatre, television and computer games.

ABOUT OUR THEME: The theme to ADVENTURES IN TIME, SPACE AND MUSIC is a remix by Isaac Arsenault. Isaac started mashingup music in the winter of ’09, After reading Jordan Roseman’s “Audio Mashup Construction Kit.” Working with sound Equipment and being technical leader for two bands he opened his taste for music by studying it mathematically and learning the science behind it. To find out more about Isaac’s work, visit http://www.twitter.com/drautobob.

NOTE: Portions of this interview aired as a Miniscope segment on RADIO FREE SKARO on Sunday, 13 March, 2011 – http://www.radiofreeskaro.com/http://www.radiofreeskaro.com/2011/03/13/radio-free-skaro-245-the-howell-around-effect/

DEDICATION: This episode is dedicated to composer Peter Howell, who was one of my musical childhood heroes and to whom I am deeply grateful that we were able to chat with. Your music is always a reminder to me that this show we love can take us anywhere, and that is certainly the case with the music!


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