No Touch Pod – Let’s Save Confidential

No Touch Pod – Let’s Save Confidential

Let’s Save Confidential (Full Version)
Let’s Save Confidential (Full Version) – Shy Cut
Let’s Save Confidential (Radio Edit)
Let’s Save Confidential (Extended)

No, we can’t go without. We want it back. We want to keep learning. We’ve been addicted since 2005. That’s 7 years addicted to the drug we call Doctor Who Confidential. We want our fix. We want our show. We want, we want, we want!!!

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Viol Solo by Dr. Phillip Serna

Written by Tony Gallichan & Karen Dunn

Produced & mixed by Chris Adams

Special thanks Nev Fountain, & Bernard Holley as The Voice Of Axos!

From A Nice Cup Of Tea by Dave Keep

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Let’s Save Confidential – No Touch Pod –

ABOUT PRODUCER CHRIS ADAMS: Chris Adams is an aspiring composer and musician, originally from Kent, UK and has been writing music of many different genres since leaving school. In the 90’s he performed several gigs around London as Q-States, a two man dance music act, and later alone as One Man Tribe. He is probably best known throughout the Doctor Who music community as HardWire, when in 2005 he produced ‘Good as Gold’, a re-created version of Murray Gold’s theme which included more prominently the Delia Derbyshire elements of the original theme. More remixes and original mixed versions of the theme followed, many of which were collaborations with Danny Stewart, himself a Doctor Who theme expert.

In 2010 HardWire produced and edited the video for a song called FABIO for a popular football website which took the World Cup Song charts by storm. Later that same year he released several dance tracks under the name of ‘Global Domination’. In 2011, also under the different name of ‘Terrestrial Afterglow’ Chris released and album of entirely orchestral compositions entitled ‘Twilight of the Gods’ and soon after once again collaborated with Danny Stewart for a project to re-score the New Who episode ‘The God Complex’ which he completed in 6 days.

Chris now solely resides under the name of HardWire and recently released his latest album, consisting of dance music music written over the last 2 years called ‘Dimensions in Music’, and continues to write music for varying different projects on a freelance basis across the Internet.

‘Let’s Save Confidential’ is not endorsed by the BBC in any way and is intended for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.

The Official Doctor Who site can be found at

Doctor Who, all associated logos, names and references to characters, vehicles and any other Doctor Who related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of the BBC, or their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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